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Maharashtra MCVC New Initiatives in 2017 for Admission

Earlier over 2.35 lakh students submitted application for 2.9 lakh 1st year junior college seats in the city of Mumbai metropolitan region. Thereafter the first first merit list were also released. All new colleges are ready to offer several streams right from minimum competency vocational courses MCVC to technical courses that comprises humanities, science, & commerce subjects.

Top Ten Initiatives from 2017 for MCVC

  • Almost 778 colleges had done registration which is high from previous year 739.
  • From 1 to 10 regional colleges can be opted by the candidates
  • From the previous mode of choosing two streams it is decreased to only one stream to be applied by the students with the option to alter their choice of stream while on admissions.
  • There is no restriction for junior college to stay by zone / wards hereinafter as the students are let to join anywhere in Mumbai.
  • The admission date is to regularized in the first week of june itself which is early than last year.
  • With the announcement of ssc results there will be 4 admission rounds between 15th of june and 15th of july so as to begin the FYJC classes.
  • Until 1st of september there will be admission for vacant seats if any through extra 3 rounds held every 2 weeks.
  • The 1st allotment applicants should remit the full fees and confirm their admission as they are not allowed further for rounds.
  • There is a Zero round that will be held for online admissions to Higher Secondary Vocational Course HSVC and quota seats.